Maui residences live in a beautiful place, but many of the people are eternally separated from God. We personally estimate less than 1,200 “locals” are under Gospel preaching regularly (current population is 144,000+). The people of Maui are in need of missionaries to come and share the hope they can find through Christ!

Though a paradise destination seems like an easy mission field, it is far from it. Many locals work two or three jobs to survive on the islands. It’s not uncommon for relatives to live together to afford the high cost of living. This busy work life leaves little time for spiritual things. To effectively reach Maui, missionary support is necessary for several years.

As a Christian, you care about people’s eternity. And that is why missionaries need to be sent to Maui as much as they need to be sent to China or Africa. Would you help bring the Gospel to a people that are often overlooked due to where they live?