Reach Maui is a vision of God’s people partnering together to bring the  Gospel to Maui through church planting. This vision starts with establishing the first independent Baptist church in the town of Wailuku, Maui. Central to the island, Wailuku along with two others towns on either side account for over 50,000 of the population. Sadly, within this area, there is only one independent Baptist church with an attendance of about 50 people. 

While leading this church to be self-supporting, the long-term prayer of Reach Maui is to help train, finically support, and send pastors to start Bible studies and churches around Maui. According to the U.S. Census, there are 11 towns above 5,000 people in Maui. Our prayer is that Reach Maui can have a part in bringing a Gospel preaching church to all eleven of these towns. 

In summary, the Reach Maui Vision is as follows:

  • Establish an Independent Baptist Church in the Wailuku area.
  • Evangelize the surrounding areas with the Gospel.
  • Help start Bible studies and church plants in towns outside the Wailuku area.