Reach Maui is a vision of God’s people partnering together to see the people of Maui reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting. As a central town in Maui, it’s not hard to recognize Wailuku as a prime spot to begin a solid church. According to the government census, the population of Wailuku is 15,000+. Including the towns around Wailuku, there is a total population of 50,000+. Sadly, within this area, there is only one independent Baptist church with an attendance of about 50 people.

The Reach Maui vision begins with establishing an independent Baptist church in the heart of Maui. Having been to the area several times now, the Brunks believe it is a prime location to begin saturating Maui with the Gospel. With the surrounding area being a hub for shopping and government business, it is not unusual for locals in distant towns to routinely come to the Wailuku area. That being said, it is not unreasonable to say that a church started in Wailuku could evangelize upwards of 92,000+ people.

Currently, this population has less than a handful of churches that would at least preach a solid gospel. The attendance of these churches is easily less than 1,000 people.

The Reach Maui vision is simple:

  • Establish an Independent Baptist Church in the Wailuku area.
  • Evangelize the surrounding areas with the Gospel.
  • Help start Bible studies and church plants in towns outside the Wailuku area.



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