Bring the Gospel to Maui

Help send a missionary family to the overlooked people of “Paradise.”    

“The people of Maui shouldn’t be overlooked because of where they live.

Believers should see them for who they are – souls in need of the Gospel like everyone else.”

Why should I help send a missionary to Maui?

When it comes to sharing the Gospel as Jesus commanded, many Christians tend to belittle going to paradise locations. The perspective of these locations is often one-sided and all about the landscape. Reach Maui is about changing that mindset. It’s about seeing the people of paradise as they are – eternal souls that need the Gospel like everyone else. Keep reading…

A few of our senders...

Ohana Baptist Church

Pastor Wayne Surface

Heritage Baptist Church

Pastor Jerry Walkowiak

Emmanual Baptist Church

Pastor Cary Schmidt

“As a twelve-year-old boy in Maine I looked past the paradise persona and asked myself the question, ‘People go on vacation there, but who is reaching the local people?’ I became burdened for the people of Hawaii as I couldn’t answer that question.” – Matt Brunk (Reach Maui Missionary)

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